XingnanosTM-MTP-I, Methanol to Propylene (MTP) catalyst, is one of the flagship products of Xing Materials. Over the years of R&D efforts, XING MATERIALS has successfully developed the new MTP catalyst with own intellectual property by independent innovation.


There is no active metal component in Xingnanos-MTP-I products, which is very different from most of the reported MTP catalysts. Based on the high-quality XOZMTM-ZSM-5 zeolite of XING MATERIALS, XingnanosTM-MTP-I is well designed and formulated by using Al2O3 as the binder, which shows excellent catalytic performances.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Excellent catalytic performance: Conversion rate of methanol is higher 98%, and single-pass yield of propylene can reach 52% (Reaction temperature: 480℃; Concentration of methanol: 20 wt.%; Liquid weight hourly space velocity: 1 h-1)
  • Long life-time: Single-pass life-time is over 1200 hours, and regenerated catalyst also shows excellent performance. When operated at the normal industrial conditions, XingnanosTM- MTP-I's life-time is more than 7,200 hours.
  • Total yield of propylene can reach 70%, when the mixture of ethylene, mixed butylene and by- product fraction at 80 ℃ are used as a part of feeding materials
  • XingnanosTM-MTP-I's selectivity of propylene is comparable or higher than that of reported MTP catalysts of international companies, and moreover most of other indicators of XingnaosTM-MTP-I are much better, such as conversion rate of methanol, single - pass yield of propylene and life-time.

Characterization Data



White or light-yellow rods

Physiochemical Property

ltem Standard Measurement
Particle Size Distribution (mm) Ø (2.5-3.5) x (3-10) Vernier caliper
Bulk Density (kg/l) 0.55-0.65 Volumetric cylinder
Crushing Strength (N/cm) ≥ 60 HG/T 2782
Conversion Rate of Methanol > 98% NA
Single-pass Yield of Propylene ~52% NA
Single-pass Life-time > 1200 h NA
Life-time in Total > 7200 h NA